Thank you Old Man Winter

Yard Guard My snow dance has finally paid off.  I have wanted snow all winter season.  Here it is almost spring and this morning I woke to SNOW! It continued to lightly snow most of the morning. Hubby and I had coffee together by the fire and watched it from the parlor window. I felt so giddy, I had to get outside to take a couple of pics just in case this is all we get.  Which just may be the case considering how late it is in the season.  I continued to watch it from my office window while working. I do love the snow. That being said, I enjoy every season. I am glad TAG and I made the move to a place where we can actually experience all four of them. If you hadn’t noticed by now, the change of seasons was the inspiration for the theme at Asheville Seasons B&B.

BTW, the little guy up top is our “Yard Guard”.  He keeps the evils spirits away. Just kidding, sillies. There is none of that here. I guess that means he is doing a good job! Doesn’t he look cold?

First snow of season 3/6/13

First snow of season 3/6/13


Li'l Japanese Maple braving the cold

Li’l Japanese Maple braving the cold